Central Portugal - Ribatejo

With our packages and walks you are in Central Portugal, the most fertile part of the country. During our walks and day trips you will see the most beautiful and impressive parts. The landscape is varied with fertile green hills, deep valleys with rivers and lakes and quiet, almost deserted villages. Some areas are protected, making them a pleasant and unspoilt area for walking.

The heart of Portugal is also rich in historical cities and monuments. Some of our day trips go to great examples of this wealth. Coimbra with one of the oldest universities in Europe, Tomar with its Templar Monastery "Convento do Cristo" or pilgrimage destination Fátima.

Walking in Roman footsteps

The Romans have left their traces in this part of Portugal in the form of old roads and bridges or foundations on which in later times was built. Occasionally we come across them during one of the walks. But one of the best preserved remains from this period is the ancient Roman city Conímbriga, a historical site south of Coimbra.


Central Portugal has a varied climate. Spring is beautiful. We have regularly years with fantastic weeks in March and then it gets warmer quickly. However, there may be considerable rain fall and that is exactly why this region remains green for such a long time.

Only in the months of July and August it gets really hot. But even then, during the early hours, it's still deliciously cool and fresh. Around noon it is too hot to walk . That's why we leave early in the morning for a walk at this time of the year. From 12 am it is a better idea to find the shade or go swimming at one of the many natural river beaches.

Autumn is often a 2nd spring. From October onwards it can rain considerably sometimes, but as the sun breaks through the country will again flourish. Trees regain blossoms and nature becomes a little confused. A wonderful time.

Winters can be cold and wet, but there are also periods with lots of sunshine and warmth. The days are longer than in the UK, but at night it can sometimes be just as cold.

Come and enjoy the countryside of Portugal. You will be amazed by its beauty, tranquility and space.