We would very much like to give you the lovely holiday you are looking forward to. Therefor we have created extra possibilities to add to your walking package. If you would like to add an activity that is not stated below, please tell us. Maybe we can make a special arrangement for you.

How to arrive at your destination

You can book flights to either airport of Lisbon or Porto. Lisbon is closest and the most convenient. At both airports car rental services are available. And there are metrolines from the airports to the train stations in both cities. We will send you detailed info about how to get to your holiday home. Coming with public transport there are 3 train stations in the area from which we can pick you up. Costs for this service are:
Tomar: 15€ per ride
Caxarias 15€ per ride
Entroncamento: 25€ per ride

Please note: Portugal does not have a nighttrain system. So, if you book a late night or early morning flight you may have to wait.

Would you like to stay longer?

It's possible to book a longer stay. We can create a new set of walks and daytrips for you and for the second week we offer you a discount of 20%.

Would you like to add extra walks?

Every walk that is described in the packages can be booked as a single walk as well. The price is €12,50 pp per walk

Would you like to add extra daytrips?

Every daytrip that is described in the packages can be booked as a single trip as well. And there are a few more.
We will collect you from your house and you will have the company of the guide if you wish.

The costs for extra day trips are:

Other activities


There is a lovely riding school in our area: Vale dos Cavalos We can make arrangements for you to go horse riding. They offer classes as well as trail riding. Costs for a class are 18,50€ and an hour of trail riding costs 25€.

Learning Portuguese

Emma Sherrat does language courses in the neigbourhood. Website: Portuguese language lessons, and on Facebook: Portuguese-Language-Lessons

Visit of a wine cellar

Portugal has some very fine wines. They are not very well known outside of Portugal yet. We could take you one a visit to one of the wine houses (adega's) in the region. These adega's are not open all the time all year round, but we will find you a nice one in any period of the year. A visit to a adega will cost aproximately 25€.

Enjoy a music festival or a special event

Portugal loves its festivals and events. Some of them are very small scale and others draw people from all over the country. Depending on the time of year you are spending your holiday with us, we can usually find some nice events for you. Prices for these trips vary per event. We have selected a few for you:


  • Will I be guided during a day trip?
  • We would like to arrange your day trip the way you prefer. So if you would like to spend the day together or explore by yourself. It is up to you. But we will always take care of your transportation. The rest will be arranged as you like.

  • Is there a meal during the day trip?
  • Costs for meals and refreshments during the daytrips are not included in the price.

  • Do I have internet in my holiday home?
  • No, but there is WiFi available in some public places in the area.

  • Is the holiday home suitable for the disabled?
  • Helas, no the holiday homes are not adjusted for disabled persons. Almost all houses have stairs and no adjusted bathroom facilities.

    FAQ about the walks

  • I have no walking experience. Will I be able to participate?
  • Any one with a reasonable physical condition can enjoy our walks. We are small scale and this usually gives us plenty of opportunity to adjust our programm and for instance shorten our walk if you would find some walks a bit too long.

  • Do I need special shoes for the walks?
  • The enjoy your walking trips we advice comfortable sturdy walking shoes with a good profile. Many of our walking paths are on dirt road and trails and good shoes make your walk more pleasurable.

  • Do I need a rucksack?
  • Yes, you do. A small rucksack is absolutely nescessary. You will be carying your own things during the walk

  • What do I need to bring for the walks?
  • Our suggestions for the walking trips:
    - a small rucksack
    - depending on the time of year: a raincoat and warm sweater
    - water and a packed lunch
    - comfortable walking shoes
    - a hat, sun screan and sunglasses
    - a swimsuit and small towel for when our walk takes us near a lake or river

  • With how many people will we walk?
  • We walk in small groups, or even just you and the guide. We do not cancel the programm because you are the only person for the trip.
    It could occur that we could combine your walk with the programm of other guests. But not before we have spoken to you about this.

  • Is there a meal during the walks?
  • We offer you a packed lunch for the walks. This is included in the price.
    All costs for other meals or drinks are to be paid for by yourself.