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Walking Package VERDE 2
(max. 4 persons)
Price € 485 pp/pw
Stay in holiday home in Pinheiros
3 guided walks:
  • Laranjeira
  • Spa of Agroal
  • Dornes at the lake
1 daytrip: Nazaré at the Atlantic coast

Your holiday home

This house was built in beautiful big stones. It is situated ± 15km North of Tomar at the outskirts of the village of Pinheiros. On the terrain you will find a second house, but that house is used by the owners when they come to enjoy their holliday. There are no nearby neighbours, so there is lots of privacy. It is a 8 minute walk to the nearest café, small supermarket, cash machine and petrolstation.

Lay-out holiday home

  • spacious living room with kitchen
  • large bedroom with a double bed
  • large bedroom/livingroom with a double bed on the 1st floor
  • 2 bathrooms with shower, toilet and sink
  • roofed terrace
  • seperate kitchen
  • additional info: a warrant of €200 is required. You can pay in cash at your arrival and with everything in working order, it will be returned at your departure.

The walking week

Day 1

Arrival in your holliday home in Pinheiros ± 15 km north of Tomar.

Day 2

A short walk to get to know one another and the area. Free time for the rest of the day, just to enjoy the start of your holiday.

Day 3

Walk nr. 1: Laranjeira

In the rural area of Pinheiros small scale agricultural activities are quite comon. During this walk we pass many small vegitable gardens in the hills and at the river. The hills are green and you can spot the most beautiful old olive trees, plenty of vineyards and big walnuts. In de river otters are sometimes spotted, so there is always the chance that we come across them too.

We pick you up in the morning and you will return therein the afternoon. During our walk we will enjoy our lunch at the river and maybe a cup of coffee at the café.

  • Distance: ± 10 km
  • Duration: ± 3 hrs
  • Level: light

Day 4

Walk nr. 2: Spa of Agroal

We walk through the quiet hills en beautifull oak forest. Every now and again we come across the Nabão river en some small villages. We take our time for a relaxing lunch at the spa and its riverbeach. And if the weather is warm enough, you could take a dip in the pool.
After the break we still have a very beautiful walk to go.

We will collect you from your holiday home in the morning and you will return in the afternoon.

  • Distance: ± 8 km
  • Duration: ± 4,5 hrs
  • Level: average

Extra information: if you would find a walk of 4,5 hrs too much, we could shorten our route.

Day 5

Daytrip to Nazaré at the Atlantic coast

Nazare Is a small town on the Atlantic coast. It is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the area. The old village, the Sítio lies on top of the cliff and can be reached with a special tram. The village is famous for its legend about an intervention by the Virgin Mary, which saved the life of a Portuguese knight in the 12th century.

This coast line is one of the most beautiful in Portugal. It has long sandy beaches and mostly they are very quiet. Even in the summer you can find quiet spots. It is also the region for record-breaking surfers. Waves can get as high as 20 meters. For regular swimmers the Atlantic sea is dangerous. So the safest place to swim would be in a bay where you are protected from the strong currents and waves. But the coastal area is always spectacular and beautiful.

We will pick you up in the morning and we will return somewhere in the late afternoon or evening.
How you would like to spend the day is up to you. We could discover the village and seaside togehter. But if you prefer to spend the day (or part of it) by yourself, that would be an option too. You can decide when the time comes.

Day 6

Walk nr. 3: Dornes at the lake

The village of Dornes lies on a peninsula in the lake of Castelo do Bode. The village is famous for its distinctive Templar Tower and processions. The walk has some stunning views of the lake and Dornes. We begin and end our walk at the village so there is time to see the famous tower.
This is a very easy and relaxing walk. We have our lunch enjoying the view of the lake. And of course there is time for a cup of coffee in the village or a town a few miles away.

  • Distance: ± 4 km
  • Duration: ± 1,5 hrs
  • Level: light

Day 7

Leasure time.

Day 8

End of your stay and departure.